Turn your WiFi

into an Explosive

Marketing System

Chekkit turns your WiFi
into a proactive,
SMS marketing platform

Chekkit will grow your business

We focus on the most effective marketing system: Text Messaging. Collect your customer’s phone numbers when they log into your wifi, then market to them through their mobile phones. Simple and effective.

up to a 94%open rate
patrons visit2.2Xmore often
coupons 10-15%redeemed

How Chekkit WiFi works:

Customers see your wifi on their phone
Our platform works with your existing wifi network. Installation is easy, and can be done in 10 minutes - no technical experience required.

Customers connect with phone number
You decide exactly what you would like to promote to your customers, whether it be an event, a promotion, or sponsorship!

Customers receive rewards via text message
Customers are automatically added to your Chekkit marketing database, and are sent messages based on campaigns you create.

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Campaigns Pricing

Clear analytics dashboard to measure your ROI

Improve Retention
Create a best first time experience that leaves an impression and increases customer visits. Reward your customers for their business with special deals and contextual offerings.
Effortless Marketing
Collect a phone number from every customer who uses your wifi and create more profitable relationships with your clients.
Consistent Branding
Our flexible, easy-to-use coupon editor allow you to customize your wifi login page and SMS messages with your brand's colors and images.
Clear ROI
Not only will you see more customers visit your business, the Chekkit Dashboard tracks which offers lead to the most visits.
Automated Marketing
Set up Chekkit to automatically message customers who haven't visited in 30 days, and have them come back in no time!
Engage your customers with events notifications, 'Thank You' messages, new offerings - whatever you dream of.

words from Chekkit clients

Chicken Chef

Suke K. / Steinbach, MB
Steinbach, MB

‘‘ I've become something of a Chekkit ambassador because I can't stop telling my franchise friends about it. People are pleasantly surprised when they get an offer just by signing into the wifi. I love it because people have been telling their friends about it! ’’

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