SMS Campaigns

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Four campaigns to grow your business

Each marketing campaign can be a simple text message or a text message with a link to an offer.
These offers live on your customer’s phone, so they will have it with them at all times, encouraging redemption.

Best First Experience

Automatically send an offer or message to a customer the first time, or every time, they log-in to your wifi.

Digital Punch

Similar to a traditional punch card, but lives in your customer's phone.

Loyal Campaign

Message your customers about coupons, events, promotions, and offerings!

'We Miss You'

Automatically send an offer to customers who haven't returned to your business in one, two or three months.

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Offer Creator

Set it and forget it
Set it and forget it

Create offers, messages, coupons, and promotions with our easy-to-use Offer Creator. Our editor allows you to upload your own images, and select your brand's colors to maintain consistent branding across all your marketing channels. Set up your campaign once, and leave it to Chekkit to deliver the messages to your customers at the right time.

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